Vegan banana & blueberry muffins

I love banana bread and I love blueberry muffins, but I have never had it in one baked goodie before.

There was a blueberry special in the supermarket and I fancied something blueberry & baked, so I search my favourite almost vegan blog,  MyCaliforniaRoots and found this recipe.

Substitutions made: I had a small quantity of Bob’s Red Mill 10-grain flour left so I used 1 cup of that; the remainer 1 cup was all purpose plain flour. For the sugar, I used 1/4 cup dark unrefined sugar, 1/4 cup light brown sugar.  I didn’t have 3 large bananas (ate most of 1 for brekkie) so only had 2 and 1/3 bananas.  For the topping, I added some oat bran in addition to the dark brown sugar.

img_1923Verdict: compared to previous non-vegan muffin attempts, this little baby is not as sweet as I would like, and the texture was a little damper than I am used to.   The sweetness level I can live with (I think the darker sugar is less sweet).  I wonder if increasing the whole grain flour to the 2 cups (instead of using plain flour) might solve that for me.  Not bad for a first attempt, but I would jiggle it to see if I can improve the texture.


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