Sanctuary in the City

Singapore is a small island nation.  High rise buildings of office blocks, shopping centres and housing projects crowd our skylines.  And yet, it is not difficult to find a Nature Park fairly close to where one lives.   Continue reading “Sanctuary in the City”

Mochi in my Waffle

After our last visit to Dazzling Cafe, we’ve been dreaming of going back to try more desserts.  We made it back this past week with friends and after much dithering over the menu, I had the Valrhona Chocolate Waffle. Continue reading “Mochi in my Waffle”

Fun with Purple-ish Fruits & Vegetables

“Eat the rainbow!” is something I’ve tried to do of late.  We’ve discovered purple vegetables which we’ve gotten a kick out of trying: purple potatoes, purple cauliflower …. did  I mention that purple is one of my favourite colours? Continue reading “Fun with Purple-ish Fruits & Vegetables”

The Little Things in Life

Loving Husband has a green thumb and has kept our balcony plants alive without a whole lot of effort.

The above is a Butterfly Plant (oxalis triangularis) which he grew from a cutting kindly given by a colleague.  It has since flourished and flowered many times over.

The flowers are quite small so you’d have to look rather closely to appreciate its beauty & details.

What little things have surprised you lately?

“Wait till you are a mother …”

As a grumpy teen wading through the murky waters of the adult world, tussling with my mother was commonplace.  Although I did not engage in shouting matches or outright rebellion, as my Significant Adult Figure, Mom was often the scapegoat for my angst.  Many of our exchanges would inevitably end with my mother exclaiming in frustration: “Wait till you are a mother, then you will understand!” Continue reading ““Wait till you are a mother …””

A Dazzling Food Adventure

We went out in search of dinner this past Wednesday night:  Older Daughter had a bit of a traumatic afternoon on account of too much studying, so we said she could pick our dinner venue.  After a pleasant wander about Orchard Road, checking out half a dozen potential eateries, we finally sat down at Dazzling Cafe. Continue reading “A Dazzling Food Adventure”