A Curve in the Road: Run Dys(lexia) Way 2016

This curve in the road is the view from Punggol Road looking over MyWaterway@Punggol.  This was our Turn-Around-Point for the Run Dys Way 2016 Charity Run.

When we finished our run, we realised that the faster runners in our group were still not back.  We learned later that when the Lead Runners reached this curve, the Volunteer stationed there was supposed to point them up the hill, which would have led them on the way back.  Instead, they continued down the curve in the road, and they only realised they had gone too far when their running apps signalled that they had reached 5km.  That was when they realised they had gone too far and decided to turn back.  One of ours remarked good-naturedly: “I paid for a 5k run and got a 10k instead – it’s a good deal!”

Dyslexia is a disability which doesn’t necessarily have noticeable physical cues.  When one suffers from it, it really could be in silence.  To the rest of us, the Volunteer’s inability to point the Lead Runners in the correct direction might have been judged as Incompentence, or Inattention.  But really, he could have truly have been overwhelmed by the sudden appearance & speed  of the Lead Runners.  Or he could have been confused by the instructions given to him or not recall them accurately.

My sister lived with Dyslexia all her life.  She was only diagnosed and helped as an Adult.  She coped admirably with her challenges, but since she received help, her life has changed so much.  I only wonder what her childhood & young adult life would have been like if she had receive help much sooner.

Loving Husband work with persons with Learning Disabilities, among them, those with Dyslexia.  I really marvel at the difference he makes in these children’s lives, as we watch them blossom & grow into their potential.

This Charity Run was a reminder & celebration of what we can do to help those who suffer in silence, to give them back their voices!

Team UWC: Teachers, Learning Support & Family

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