Analog to Digital: yay or nay?

This week’s Discover Challenge: Analog, has given me much food for thought.  I have considered my own transition from the analog to digital world: what I like, dislike; embraced, rejected;  considered, disregarded.  I considered friends who have very definite analog pursuits like reading print books, listening to vinyl records, scrapbooking vacations & special occasions.  Even closer to home was Older Daughter, who has a long-standing fascination with fountain pens & developed a related interest in calligraphy.

I was very much at a loss to name analog passions I engage in as I came to the realisation that I have embraced many things digital, and in fact, if not for technology, would find it difficult to enjoy many of these activities.

For example, I spend lots of time reading.  I had given up for a while because I found it difficult to read even larger print trade books (reading glasses give me a bit of a headache).  I resisted using a tablet to read because I felt it to be too unauthentic.  But when I actually gave it a chance, my reading ability picked right up again – option for Very Large Print.  I have also started following many blogs, especially on WordPress – what a wonderful source of great & inspirational reading material!

In the arena of cooking & baking, my repertoire expanded because of my access to Instagram, online recipes, cooking blogs.  I still buy recipe books because I do love looking at photographs of food, but without these wonderful online sources, I think I would not try so many new recipes & new foods (eg. my new fascination with vegan baking although I am only Almost Vegetarian).

I do not consider myself a photographer.  My experience with photo-taking was limited to mostly holidays.  But with the availability of a decent phone camera, I’m snapping happily at most everything!  I still marvel at those with “real” cameras and the wonderful things they can do with them, but it is definitely too technical for me and seems like really hard work.  My camera phone does me just fine.

Having mostly embraced technology happily & wholeheartedly, there are still a few analog things I appreciate & enjoy:  Loving Husband & I still write love letters to each other (with pen & paper), and both Daughters look forward to the handwritten birthday cards & letters each year.  We play board games & card games as a family (although we do play online games on our own, and we use the Wii occasionally).  Browsing in bookstores is one of our favourite past-times, especially in the Bargain Books Corner; we are still book buyers, as our creaking & over laden shelves can attest.

There is one activity which I have chosen to remain analog: singing with hard copy scores.  In the interest of saving paper (from photocopying) or buying more hymn books or score books, I tried using the iPad to download scores from which to sing.  Not only did I find it frustrating to navigate the equipment (I kept swiping the score page shut instead of turning the page), I also found it very difficult to track the notation on the device.  So, I decided that I would return to using old fashioned hard copy scores (sorry, trees!)

What about you: what do you enjoy in the new digital form?  are there any analog pursuits you enjoy?


10 Replies to “Analog to Digital: yay or nay?”

  1. What you wrote has made me realised that I have embraced the digital world with a passion, I even have a meditation app for goodness sake! Still I must say that I like looking at art books and where possible owning them and writing the occasional note to loved ones.

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  2. I’d never thought about the balance of my digital and analog pursuits until you asked me to. Now that I think about it, I find I’m much like you: a mixture of both with perhaps a slight preference for digital — until something doesn’t work, then I swear I’m going to withdraw from the frustrating world of technology until my husband gets it up and running again.

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  3. One of my favourite cellists has started doing all of his chamber concerts using auto page turning software with the score on his iPad. He is a talented entertainer and I was impressed to see him improvising with the violinist off the cuff. Turning digital has made us more likely to go after instant gratification. The modifications he’s made to his concerts show that he’s willing to acknowledge that society has changed in its tastes and expectations. We will happily read Shakespeare but we’d love to see it in a colourful costume drama with modern themes. Or, we go to the opera to see the brilliant costumes and set designs. It is good to bring the two elements together. Keeps the creative engines humming.

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    1. I’ve seen some musicians use the auto page turned (although it took me a while to figure out what they were doing – ok, to be honest, it was Older Daughter who figured it out and enlightened me).

      Absolutely! I love having both worlds available to me and to be able to use the best of both to enhance & create beautiful things is the way to go!

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  4. For analog I still love diaries and notebooks. Even though I use these on my phone I HAVE to have a tangible version. I literally carry my diary everywhere and constantly jot down notes in my notebook. Although when it comes to blogging I like to type it straight onto my notes app as I am constantly editing words – way easier on digital. 🙂

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