Mex-Out: Messy Yummy Deliciousness

Daughters & I enjoy going on Food Adventures.

A few weeks ago, we walked by Barrio by Mex-Out at 313 Somerset – a new restaurant on the block!  As we are always looking for a good Mex feed, we mentally made a note to come back.

We headed there last Friday, round about 6:30pm.  We were hoping that being early-ish, we might score a table although it was a Friday night.  The restaurant was bustling & packed!  But we were fortunate as a table came free just then.

A fun cantina vibe!

Servers came around several times to see if we were ready to order, despite the restaurant being packed.  They were upbeat & responsive, and in no time, we were chowing down on our yummies!

Some of the reviews said the Chicken Torta was lacklustre and a little dry – fortunately, that is the way Older Daughter likes her Chicken Sandwiches: uncomplicated & well-cooked. Younger Daughter loved her Carne Asada Rice Bowl (minus the black beans & salsa, which I happily ate).  My only regret was that I polished off both my Vegetarian Tacos which left me no room for Churros!

Never mind, we will have to come back and just have dessert.



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