Choosy Chia: a Superhero Origin Story

This is the story of how I became Choosy Chia, a superhero who is able to clear huge mounds of salad in a single bound, to snarf a bowl of oatmeal in record time, and to eat around non-vegetarian dishes with grace & aplomb!

I grew up in a Foodie Home, where eating was an art & a dare.  Foodie Mom effortlessly & diligently presented nutritious & beautiful home-cooked meals.  Foodie Dad made it his mission in life to expose us to all sorts of cuisines & eatables.  I was the Black Sheep in the family – I never quite relished the tasting of Scorpion Toast or Fish Eye Balls (read Eye Balls, not Fish Balls) or Snake Soup or Half-Formed Duck Chicks eaten straight from the egg.

The first couple of years in college, I lived in a dorm; I subsisted on a diet of Rice & Soy, instant noodles & Mac n Cheese (horrifying, I know).  When I finally got an apartment of my own, I ventured a little further and started to prepare simple food which I missed from home (fried noodles, spring rolls, chicken curry) and adopted many delectables from the Texan community in which I lived (Monkey bread, burritos stuffed full of everything, chicken fried steak).  My taste in food, however, remained rather conservative.

When I returned to Singapore and started to work, I worried about Client Lunches.  How on earth was I going to cope with the exotic (read: Chinese) dishes which were the staples of any business lunch (Shark’s Fin Soup, Wiggly Things in the Cold Dishes, Strange Brown Things which appeared all in the same dish)?  So, I hatched a clever plan: I would tell my clients that I was vegetarian – vegetables were easy to eat & fairly safe, after all.

And so it began.  Avoiding meat things spilled over from Business Lunches to outings with Friends, and finally, to Family meals as well.  I became adept at eating around dishes & foods which contained meat.  I also started hanging around folks who were Mostly Vegetarian, so it inevitably became a life-style choice.

Choosy Chia: created & given life by Older Daughter & myself

The superhero in me only started to emerge and come into its own in the last decade or so.  My Doc threatened to put me on iron pills if I didn’t get my iron count up.  I went to see a Nutritionist, and in Superhero style, I applied myself to getting myself enough non-meat protein & the iron that comes with it.

Today, I am a Defender & Champion of the Superfoods: Chia, Pomegranate, Dragonfruit, Avocado, Kiwi, Oats, Brussel Sprouts, Almonds, Brazilnuts, Apples, Berries, Flax Seeds.  They have become part of the Super Friends Team.  Together, we fight for better eating & health in our family.  Through social media, I hope to inspire others to try new things & eat differently.

I am Choosy Chia!  and I choose to eat healthy!

Featured image: bananas, pistachio & red dragonfruit chia pudding with low-fat Greek yogurt.

11 Replies to “Choosy Chia: a Superhero Origin Story”

  1. Such an interesting post, I enjoyed learning about your earlier life, my family are very foodie too. I had lots of allergies as a child so developed a very fussy attitude I am better at trying stuff now but I don’t think I could eat fish eye balls if you paid me a million pound! – Lulu

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