I Love Marching Bands

I’ve loved Marching Bands ever since college football days.  We were blessed with a decent football team and a Marching Band to boot.  There is something very uplifting and inspiring about the Band playing on a crisp autumn day during half-time – they made you want to stand up on the bleachers, dance & cheer!

There hasn’t been much opportunity for football (of the American variety, not soccer) games or Marching Bands in Singapore, but recently during our visit to Hong Kong Disneyland, we were reacquainted with their Marching Band during the Parade.  We also caught them strutting their stuff down Main Street late one morning.

They made us (and lots of others, I noticed) stomp our feet, clap & laugh!  They made us feel jubilant!


Hong Kong Disneyland Parade (Photo credit: Loving Husband)

11 Replies to “I Love Marching Bands”

  1. 😀 not my sort of music, but my ex-father in law loved brass band music, particularly British colliery bands, and I must admit since seeing the film ‘Brassed Off’ I have a sneaky affection for them too.

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