Pasta & Mathematics: capturing imaginations with a book

Friday night found Younger Daughter, Older Daughter & I huddled on the sofa, poring over one of the books Older Daughter brought back from the library.

We three girls love culinary books:  Younger Daughter & I like pictures we can drool over, Older Daughter likes the quirkier side of the culinary world.  Pasta by Design captured the imagination of us all!

Pasta is staple in our household.  When the daughters are inclined and industrious, we get homemade fettucine, or handcut linguine, and if I’m really lucky, freshly stuffed ravioli.  Otherwise, it’s store-bought dried pasta, which is fine by me.  We generally use farfalle (household favourite), fusilli and linguini.  But through the years, we’ve encountered some strange shapes and had no idea how to prepare them properly with the correct sauces & accompaniments.

Pasta by Design is a fun way to acquaint ourselves with new pasta shapes & how to enjoy them.  It is also rather fascinating to see each pasta shape rendered into mathematical equations & graphs which presents the pasta in quite a different light.

As we look at each beautiful photo of the pasta, read about its origins and suggestions for preparation, we imagine the next meals we will enjoy as we traverse the wide world of pasta: the start of endless possibilities!

We are book-buyers.   We also love the libraries: they are a great place to browse & “test-drive” a book before we decide whether we want a copy for our collection.  I guess we are buying this one.

11 Replies to “Pasta & Mathematics: capturing imaginations with a book”

  1. Awh, this post had a cozy feel to it ❤ I love baking and books so the picture of snuggling up with someone you love dearly to do both of those things really appeals me.

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    1. It is always good to hear from you – thank you for taking the time to visit and for your lovely words of support & encouragement. I am blessed with daughters who share my excitement in things old & new. We are not quite the same, but we have enough similarities to take joy in each other’s passions!

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  2. I suspect I won’t be able to test-drive this book… can’t imagine finding it in our local library!… But it sounds just like the sort of book my husband would like – and his birthday is coming up. 🙂

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