St Christopher’s Place: a Chance Encounter

We’ve been to London a number of times to visit Beloved Family.  We’ve been there in the Spring, the Summer and the Winter (strangely never in the Fall):  we have decided that Christmas is our favourite time.

There is just something special about decorating the Christmas tree with the fire going, taking forever to bundle up for the cold, pressing our noses against the window hoping for snow, and gawking at the beautiful street lights & storefront decorations on Oxford & Regent Streets.  These things make London very magical that time of year.

During one of our visits in December 2008, we had a very pleasant chance encounter with St Christopher’s Place.

We were being pushed along by the Christmas Shopping crowd on Oxford Street one evening.  I needed a break from being jostled about so we decided to get off the busy street.  We ducked into a little lane and we were greeted by twinkling fairy lights and a sense that time had stood still.  It was very quaint little street,  with an old fashioned candy store, an amber store, cafes & art galleries on either side of a cobblestone lane.

This is one of the things we love about wandering through a city, whether it is in Singapore where we live, or when we are travelling: the adventure of discovering gems which surprise & delight us!

We’ve been back to St Christopher’s Place many times since, sometimes in daylight, sometimes in the dark  when the lights at seen at their best.  The lane has been spruced up through the years and the shops have become upmarket, but St Christopher’s Place still retains much of its charm for us.


Photo of St Christopher’s Place, London, December 2008


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