A Quiet Spot of Tea

One of my highlights of visiting Hong Kong is the Po Lo Bau (“Pineapple” Bun which contains absolutely no pineapple).   Just imagine of warm, buttery brioche with a crumbly, streusel-like top.  And the place to get it is fresh out of the oven from Sai Kung Cafe & Bakery.

Until our recent trip, I’ve only eaten these buns on the go, finishing it before I’ve even reached the end of the lane.

DSC_2296 copyLoving Husband & I decided that we would sit down this time and have a cup of milk tea (another Hong Kong favourite) with our buns. To our pleasant surprise, tea was served in a silver teapot!  And the milk came separate so we could decide how much we wanted in each cup.  It was one of the best milk teas (and Po Lo Bau) we’ve had!

We enjoyed tDSC_2314 copyhe relaxed al fresco experience so much that we came back on another occasion after a morning run and tried their breakfast. Not as yummy as their tea & Po Lo Bau, I’m afraid.  I think their expertise lies in baked goods (we tried their other buns and they are good) and not in macaroni with gloopy oxtail sauce & frankfurters.

Fortunately,  I had my tea & bun anyway, so I was all sorted!

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