Will you take the High Road or the Low Road?

One of the most precious gifts my parents have given me is the belief that in everything, I have a choice.  Sure, some of the choices presented to me are not great and some are downright terrible, but nevertheless, I have the power to decide which choice to make, which path to take.

Even when it comes to facing obstacles, I can choose to curl up in bed (which I have done under my comforter many a time) or have a pity party (thank goodness for patient & long-suffering friends) or I can use it as an opportunity to find creative ways to face the challenge (eventually, I get there).

I have been watching The Outlander on Netflix, which is a historical romance set in Scottish Highlands of the 18th and 20th Centuries.  Loving Husband & I loved travelling to the Scottish Highlands years ago, and still have a strong yearning to return.  Meanwhile, I am enjoying the scenery & music of this TV series, in which the Jacobite Uprising & the Battle of Culloden are featured.  I mention this because the original lyrics of the following song, which is one of my favourites,  “The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond” is believed to be a Jacobean lament written after this battle.

Although not the intent of the song, a question I have asked throughout my life has been, shall I take the high road, or the low road?  and where will each take me?

On our run this morning in the Keppel Bay area, we ventured under an expressway.  My first thought was, “Gosh, they bothered to plant so many trees under an expressway!” The next was, “I never see all these interesting things when zooming by in a car”.  So, the road I choose in this case determines how much I experience and how much just passes me by.  Oftentimes, we do need to get from Point A to Point B by the quickest most expedient way. Other times, I really wish I would stop to smell the roses! (or in this morning’s case, marvel at the creepers & greenery which adorn the pillars under the expressway).

A recent decision I made for creativity was to start writing this blog.  It has taken me many years to do this for a litany of reasons, obstacles …. you’ve probably heard them all: is it a waste of time?  is anyone going to read it? do I really want to air my laundry out on cyberspace?

I decided it was time to stop with the self-doubt and to do this for me.

We are constantly required to pick which road to travel on, literally & figuratively.  Not every choice is made at a crossroads, but the small decisions add up and limber us up for the big ones.

Which road will you choose?

4 Replies to “Will you take the High Road or the Low Road?”

  1. This blog has really struck a chord with me as I ‘ve quite a few difficult decisions ahead. I also happen to love “The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond” as did my mother., so this song reminds me of her and us singing it in our childhood days.


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