Conducting a Choir: a short-lived experiment

Almost 3 years ago, Older Daughter took up the challenge of directing one of our church choirs.  Shortly after, I started singing with that choir.  It was good to get back to choral singing as I had not sung in a group since high school. Continue reading “Conducting a Choir: a short-lived experiment”


Pasta & Mathematics: capturing imaginations with a book

Friday night found Younger Daughter, Older Daughter & I huddled on the sofa, poring over one of the books Older Daughter brought back from the library.

We three girls love culinary books:  Younger Daughter & I like pictures we can drool over, Older Daughter likes the quirkier side of the culinary world.  Pasta by Design captured the imagination of us all! Continue reading “Pasta & Mathematics: capturing imaginations with a book”

Till We Have Faces by C.S.Lewis

When I was growing up, I gobbled up Roman & Greek mythology: there was something very fascinating about deities who were larger than life but were often as goofy and petty as human beings.

When I was in college, I took a C.S. Lewis elective: not surprisingly, my favourite book was Till We Have Faces: a Myth Retold.  We revelled in all things Lewis.  My guilty secret was that I couldn’t get through most of his non-fiction works (with the exception of A Grief Observed, which resonated with me as I was dealing with death issues at the time).  His fiction was a different story:  I devoured the The Chronicles of Narnia (ignoring the protest of classmates that they were children’s books),  his Space Trilogy (because I loved all things Science Fiction), the Screwtape books (because I found his characters hilarious!),  and of course, Till We Have Faces. Continue reading “Till We Have Faces by C.S.Lewis”

My Journey with Taiko Drumming

Some 10 years ago, Older Daughter & I stood in the atrium of the Esplanade: Theatres by the Bay, mouths agape in wonder as we watched & listened to the rhythms of a taiko drum resonating through us.   This past weekend, we found ourselves at this same venue,  craning our necks through the crowds to watch Hibikiya & Kodo open the Super Japan: Japanese Festival of Arts.  It felt like we had come full circle as we gathered in the outdoor theatre, just a decade later.

It was an evening of incredible taiko drumming: the contrast of the fast-paced modern performance of Hibikiya contrasting with the traditional style of Kodo served to highlight how eclectic the world of Taiko drumming is; and I stand in awe in the realisation that I am part of this proud tradition. Continue reading “My Journey with Taiko Drumming”