A Food-Date Adventure: in search of Mexican

I hadn’t been to a Mexican eating place in years.

Having said this, I order the  Nachos at Hard Rock Cafe every chance I get, which is my favourite Tex-Mex food.  Well, maybe apart from a Taco Salad Bowl, which I used to eat a lot of when living in Texas.

I met girlfriends for lunch last week at a self-service Mexican Grill.  The food was acceptable and but it didn’t look anything like the photos on their website.  We had a good time catching up though as it was quiet & we didn’t feel like we had to rush through lunch.

That experience left me craving a good ole’ Tex-Mex experience.  I didn’t really want to eat at a fancy place, so Loving Husband & I did some research online before deciding to  head down to Muchachos.

It looks like a hole-in-the-wall from the front but does actually have quite a bit of seating inside, at the back.  The theming is quirky & fun.


After a little bit of difficulty communicating what I wanted at the self-service counter, nachos without the chilli con carne, our order-taker finally offered to put it on the side for us.  After that rocky start, we were so relieved when the nachos turned out to be extremely satisfying – plenty of guacamole, not over cheesed, light & crispy chips.  And the chilli con carne on the side for Loving Husband to eat with his share of the nachos.  Perfect.

Burrito filled full of goodies!

The giant Burrito didn’t disappoint either.  It was huge & filled tight with rice, beans, beef strips, cheese, sour cream, salsa & guacamole (extra).  It was a throwback to my Campus Burrito days, where my siblings and I would flock to regularly for our weekly fix of giant Burritos – if I remember correctly, they had a list of almost 5o items which you could choose from.

After stuffing our faces with glee, we explored the rest of Keong Siak Street to see what this former red-light district had been transformed into.  There were many glitzy pubs, quaint restaurants, mixed in with unrenovated  retro chic tze char & roast meat places.  Very charming, and we reckon the teeming tze char restaurant warrants a return visit.

Tarte tatin aux pommes

To round off our food evening, we popped into the warmly inviting Bread & Hearth and
picked up a few croissants (for breakfast, of course) and this delicious beauty, tarte tatin aux pommes for dessert.  The pastry was divine, and the apples not overglazed or overcooked.  The miniature apple gracing the top was genius, slightly tart & smokey.  Not a Mexican end to the meal, but hey, we can afford to be cosmopolitan.

What have you gone in search of recently?


9 Replies to “A Food-Date Adventure: in search of Mexican”

  1. Here in Tucson we are just 60 miles north of the Mexico border. And usually it is the “hole in the wall” Mexican eateries that are the most authentic… the most satisfying… and the most reasonable. And of course we have Mexican food trucks and Mexican hot dog stands all over the city. My usual favorite is a ground beef crispy chimichanga with green chili sauce and a side of refried beans and Mexican style rice. Good stuff!!!


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      1. I’d love to oblige… but they are usually so huge I find it difficult to finish one. Usually I make two meals out of it and take half of it home. I may not be able to eat an extra one for you… but I will think about you and your hubby the next time I devour one. I just had one this past Saturday at a place called “Poco and Mom’s”… so I probably won’t attack another one for a couple weeks. The Mexican food is one of the many reasons I love it here!


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