We are Family

This sculpture is one of my favourites: Jelly Baby Family by Mauro Perucchetti.

The colours catch my eye as does how the translucent sculpture almost blends into the surroundings.   My funny bone is also tickled by the juxtaposition of how fun the colours are and the formality with which the figures are positioned: almost like they are getting ready for a family portrait in a photographer’s studio.

This week, these Jelly Babies also remind me of who I am, of my identity as part of my Family, immediate & extended.

This sculpture is Fun – laughter & play has been & remains an important part of my life, whether it’s a rowdy game of Princess Uno, or companionable colouring (my Youthful Mother, Younger Daughter & I spent Sunday afternoon doing just this), or exploring new foods & places (locally & abroad).  I look forward to a healthy dose of fun each day.

Each member of the Jelly Baby Family is coloured differently, just as each of my Family is different & unique.  Although this can lead to conflict & disagreement, we have learnt to cherish this Diversity as we believe that the synergy born from our unique gifts & perspectives makes us better than each of us alone: I am challenged by my family to become a better person each day.

This sculpture would be very different if it were just a single Jelly Baby.  The six Jelly Babies were placed together because it makes for a stronger & more compelling composition.  With my family, there is Strength:  strength in love & community, and all the crazy but wonderful things that come with that.  I have learnt to live better and am inspired to love beyond myself.



4 Replies to “We are Family”

    1. It is pretty bad when the haze drifts over to us – we mostly stay indoors when that happens! We often wonder what happens when visitors come all the way to S’pore but find such bad air – would you have to forfeit your sight-seeing? Come back to visit when the air is good!


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