Pre-trip Prep: The First Reflection

“A journey of discovery begins not with the first step, but with the first reflection”

A wise man wrote these words in his travel journal some two dozen years ago.  Oh wait!  That was Loving Husband travelling the Trans-Siberian railway before we met.

This mantra has governed our family trips, which begin way before we get into the car or the plane.

We enjoy planning for our trips as we look forward to them, planning & changing as we go along.  And then when we return, we spend an inordinate amount of time going through photographs taken & scrapbooking them.   Even as I write, Older Daughter is making the cover for our autograph/memory scrapbook (see above photo: the character drawings reflect the Easter Eggs scattered around the Park for the Easter season.  Top Left is Loving Husband as Robin Hood. Top Right is Younger Daughter as Elsa, of course.  Bottom Left is Me as Minnie Mouse.  Bottom Right is Older Daughter as Carlos from Descendants).

So, as we reflect on our trip to Hong Kong,  which begins tomorrow, we look forward to time we will spend with extended family in Disneyland, then with them in their home in Sai Kung.

We look forward to stuffing our faces: with Dim Sum galore (Loving Husband’s favourite is Chuen Kee – he will eat there every morning for the duration of our stay in Sai Kung; Younger Daughter is particularly excited about the prospect of our Hello Kitty dim sum).  Although a little too spicy for me,  AJ’s is the place to go for Sri Lankan cuisine, something we can’t get in Singapore.  Loving Husband will visit  Tsim Chai Kee several times for the golfball-sized wantons (to be eaten with al dente noodles, of course).  I will stake out Sai Kung Bakery & Cafe  for their “Pineapple” Buns or Polo Bau  (which are so named because they look like pineapples, not because they contains any fruit) which I eat hot out of their oven.

We also look forward to the running: hopping (in line with the Easter season which is still celebrated in the Magic Kingdon) around the Hong Kong Disney Resort, reacquainting ourselves with our favourite parts of Sai Kung,  and exploring a portion of the Maclehose Trail.

Older Daughter is going to check out Parentheses, a French bookstore in Central.  Younger Daughter can’t wait to meet Sophia the First & Elsa in the House of the Mouse. Loving Husband wants to go all the up the Mid-Level escalators to see what he can see.

As for me, I have enjoyed, will continue to enjoy and look forward to enjoying the trip as we reflect on how fortunate we are to have this time together as a family.

What are you looking forward to in your next vacation?

6 Replies to “Pre-trip Prep: The First Reflection”

  1. My mom used to say “A family that plays together, stays together,” and it sounds like your family epitomizes that saying. You make traveling together sound like so much fun, and I love the idea of building a scrapbook to help hold close the memories of your trips. Also, your description of the food you each want to eat made me hungry, even though I’m unfamiliar with all of them. Thanks for a great post.

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