My Family as Witness

Who bears witness to my blogging?

My family, of course.

I bounce ideas off Older Daughter for the Photo & Discover Challenges, ask for her consultation when I want to put across an idea, thought or feeling, but feel stuck.

Loving Husband gives almost immediate feedback when a post is published, and typically,  is the first to “Like” it or Comment.

Younger Daughter is keeps me on my toes.  She will ask “What is your next post about, Mom?” when too much time passes between posts.

Some evenings will find us huddled in the same room, all on devices of some kind doing various things.  In this is a strange sense of camaraderie as I write on.


5 Replies to “My Family as Witness”

  1. I like the idea of your family being witness to your blog, asking questions, reading, suggesting ideas, supporting you. That’s very nice. What better witnesses could there be? My husband, like yours, is my first reader, but I have him read a post before I publish it because he sometimes has ideas on how to strengthen my writing and is a terror when it comes to finding missing commas, misspelled words, etc. I couldn’t do without him.

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