Harmony: Modern Living amidst Nature

I have spent the last few days mulling over what photograph I would take to capture the idea of  Harmony.  Spoke to Older Daughter, threw some some ideas about, had some good leads but the opportunity to take those photos were not forthcoming.

On my run this morning through the Green Corridor, I snapped this photo of Springdale Condo along Upper Bukit Timah Road, peeking out from the trees.  It occurred to me that Singapore is called the Garden City for good reason – a lot of work has gone into preserving the greenery and this is a lovely example of harmonious modern apartment living amidst tranquil nature.


2 Replies to “Harmony: Modern Living amidst Nature”

  1. yes Ju, every time I’m in Singapore I’m struck by how green it is and it makes me think of all the effort that has gone to making an otherwise unfriendly environment beautiful and certainly more liveable.

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