March is here: let the Celebrations begin!

It used to be whenever my birthday rolled around in early September, I went into a bit of a funk.  Of late, I am inspired & somewhat chastened by Younger Daughter to be less grumpy about the birthday.  She looks forward to her BirthMonth with great anticipation, excitement & ceremony.

Case in point: getting dressed for our Picnic which opens the Month of Celebration, she decided to take her Brand New Sparkly, Flashing Princess Shoes for a walk because it matched her Sparkly Hairband – Princesses must always be fashionable after all!

Several years ago, when she was about to turn 12, she decided she was going to have 12 birthday parties.  So she set out to make appointments with individuals and small groups to celebrate through March.  She never quite made it to 12; I think we all lost steam round about Celebration #8.  Nevertheless she enjoyed connecting with friends & family over food & fun activities.

And so it has continued: 13, 14, 15 …

Today, being March 1, marks the beginning of festivities for her 16th Birthday!  Thanks again to family & friends, we have lunches, dinners, teas, baking dates, play dates, a trip to the House of the Mouse & a host of other activities planned.

Mini quiches: ham & cheese, and tuna & broccoli

Yesterday, Younger Daughter & I made mini quiches in preparation for our Celebration Picnic this morning. Today, we will make the cake for tomorrow’s dinner with Grandparents.  So, in between the celebrating, we have the preparation for the celebrating, which for us, is part & parcel of the fun!

I am inspired: to meet life with so much zest & joie de vivre, to enjoy time with family & friends unreservedly, to eat & play with wild abandon, to seize every opportunity to celebrate!

Picnic Breakfast in The Pavillion, Singapore Botanic Gardens


3 Replies to “March is here: let the Celebrations begin!”

  1. Love, Laugh, Live!……….God’s Gift of time, so precious!
    Live the moments and celebrate the special memories… it up Jo!
    We are inspired by you.

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  2. Gorgeous shoes Jo! Will take a leaf out of your book and celebrate my birth month too. Unfortunately can’t do 69 celebrations so look like it will be more like a week of celebrating! Godpa and I will be very much there in spirit !!!!!

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  3. What a delightful way to celebrate a birthday. I’m glad you are going to adopt your daughter’s approach, and I think I will as well. I love it. My birthday is in November, so I have lots of time to plan!

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