Pre-trip Prep: The First Reflection

“A journey of discovery begins not with the first step, but with the first reflection” Continue reading “Pre-trip Prep: The First Reflection”


My Family as Witness

Who bears witness to my blogging?

My family, of course.

I bounce ideas off Older Daughter for the Photo & Discover Challenges, ask for her consultation when I want to put across an idea, thought or feeling, but feel stuck.

Loving Husband gives almost immediate feedback when a post is published, and typically,  is the first to “Like” it or Comment.

Younger Daughter is keeps me on my toes.  She will ask “What is your next post about, Mom?” when too much time passes between posts.

Some evenings will find us huddled in the same room, all on devices of some kind doing various things.  In this is a strange sense of camaraderie as I write on.

One Love

A run route designed to find my pic for  Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, One Love. “Love” by Robert Indiana, found between Lanson Place & Winsland House II, Singapore.

As Easter approaches, I am reminded of John 3:16: “For God so love the world that he gave his one & only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Superfood #3: Dragonfruit

It’s Dragonfruit season!  and hence, I am a recipient of several of these beautiful fruit!

I am not a fan of the Dragonfruit … at least not before this recent encounter.  The fruit always seemed like a pale reflection of the kiwifruit.  I liked the texture of the flesh with the crunchy seeds, but found it mostly tasteless. It was not a fruit I would pick up at the fruit counter, or at a buffet. Continue reading “Superfood #3: Dragonfruit”

Ensemble Multilatérale: Advocates for Music of Today

Modern Music?  No thank you, would have been my response before today.  I am a Baroque Fangirl through and through.  Okay, maybe a little classical and a smattering of Romantic is fine as well.  But apart from film music (I love John Williams & Howard Shore), any music written for orchestra or chamber groups after the 1900s would not hold much appeal for me.

Until tonight.   Continue reading “Ensemble Multilatérale: Advocates for Music of Today”

Music soothes Longing

This is written in response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt, Longing

There are times in my life when I feel an inexplicable sense that something isn’t quite right in the universe, a longing for something that I can’t articulate; this is a feeling that Loving Husband has termed my “existential loneliness”.  In these instances, the one thing that I turn to which helps soothe the persistent ache is music. Continue reading “Music soothes Longing”