State of Mind: Top of the World

This is in response to Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, State of Mind.  Our challenge this week is to let our inner & outer worlds converge in one photograph.

I took this photo several weeks ago, the second time I made it up to the top of Mt Faber.  The first time I attempted to run up this hill, I got so lost I didn’t even stop to look at the view.  Read: slightly panicked and anxious to get back down to rejoin Loving Husband who had run another route.

I felt so let down by the non-experience, I was determined to try again.

So, on attempt #2, I stopped to take this photo.  Although just a hill of 105 metres, as I stood up at the peak, I felt exhilarated by the cool morning air, and by the achievement that I made it up there, this time not lost.  I was on Top of the World!

Which brings to mind a quirk of self: I am not a huge fan of First Times.  I am so overwhelmed by that first experience, I’m unable to truly enjoy it.  I have come to realise it is not because I am a control-freak;  my senses are bombarded with so much information, I struggle to process it all.  It is with the repeating of an experience that I start to breathe, to take in more,  to start to enjoy it.

My state of mind: I accept that I am a Repeater.



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