Hello, I am Retired, nice to meet you!

The pace of life in Singapore is fast.  Is it possible to live here, slow the pace down and still remain connected with its people & community?

I have been retired now for almost 17 years.  I stopped work when Older Daughter was a toddler of 1 year to be a Stay Home Mom.  And when older Daughter turned 6, I joined the ranks of Homeschooling Moms. Next thing I know, both the girls are older teens and quite capable of schooling themselves.  I made some half-hearted attempts to rejoin the workforce, but truth be told, I am quite happy doing what I do, playing through the day, sometimes with the girls & Husband, sometimes alone.

It was difficult enough explaining to folks who asked “What on earth do you do all day at home” when the girls were younger.  Now, it is nigh impossible not to find that conversation awkward and to feel the need to give excuses why I do what I do.  So, I have changed my status to Retired.

Retired from the pace of life most people experience.  Retired from the social expectations and constraints for a healthy, middle-aged college graduate to be viable and contributing to the workforce. I have not retired from living life, nor have I opted out of everything that  means to be Singaporean, I have just chosen to live my life a lot more slowly.  It may earn me strange  looks and raised eyebrows, but so be it.  I am healthier and happier for it. And if Loving Husband is happy to have me retired, who am I to argue otherwise.

This is written in response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompts, Pace Oddity

3 Replies to “Hello, I am Retired, nice to meet you!”

  1. I retired in 2004. Reasons to my retirement differ from Yours. My days are busy and we enjoy life with my wife who is also retired. I have explained more specific in my About-me-page.

    Enjoy life.

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