Superfood Series #2: Cherries

A friend gifted us with a 2kg box of Staccato cherries a couple of weeks ago.

How are we going to finish it all?  was my initial, alarmed reaction!

Apparently, that wasn’t a problems as Loving Husband & I demolished the box within the week (daughters were not even part of the equation as they do not care for cherries … go figure!)

Apart from enjoying the fruit straight up, I sliced them onto my toast, into muesli, oatmeal & chia pudding.  I have always thought of cherries as a rather mild fruit, but I was happily surprised to find that although delicate, these mostly sweet, pleasantly tart fruit complimented my breakfast concoctions well.

L: Chia & almond milk pudding  with kiwi,  cherries & toasted hemp seeds; R: wholegrain toast with “no-added sugar” peanut butter, topped with cherries & pumpkin seeds.

I did some reading on what cherries offered apart from being yummy.  Other than the usual goodness of fresh fruit, I found some other interesting benefits:

Cherries can contribute to better sleep as they are a good natural source of melatonin, which helps with cognitive function, circulation & sleep cycles.  Insomnia?  jet lag?  have a bunch of cherries!

This fruit also has anti-inflammatory properties.  1 cup of cherries has been shown to have a similar effect to 1 regular-strength ibuprofen.  That seems like a lot of cherries to eat at one sitting; maybe cherry juice would work better in this case.  So, if you have muscle soreness from working out or joint pain from osteoarthritis (both of which I suffer from), cherries might be worth incorporating into your diet.

The only downside to this as I see it: the fruit is seasonal.  After making short work of the box, I went to the supermarket only to find that cherries are no longer available.   Guess it’s time to visit the juice aisle.

What about you: do you like cherries? cherry juice?  Do you use this fruit or its juice to alleviate any other ailments?

Information about cherries from



2 Replies to “Superfood Series #2: Cherries”

  1. Hey! Nice to meet you and thanks for your like! I find your blog rather interesting. Cherries are superfood? Never knew that! I love cherries but only as fruit, as opposed to juice or whatever you could make of it. With one exception: freshly baked waffles need cooked cherries. It’s a memory from my childhood and part of long winter walks 😉

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