Seasons Come, Seasons Go

Contrary to popular belief, Singapore does have seasons.  Perhaps not the traditional Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, but we certainly have Hot & Humid, Very Hot & Humid, Rainy, Hazy.

There are some mornings, before the sun has fully risen to heat up the earth,  you can walk in relative cool.  And when the humidity is lower than the norm of 100%, the combination makes for a pleasant run.  These types of mornings are more common late in December and early January, but today was one of those mornings.  They don’t occur very often, but whenever they do, I am grateful.

Ever so often, I find myself in a calm, restful place in my life.  Just like cool not so humid mornings, they don’t come very often.  For now, I bask in the sun without much claim on my time and energy.  I am free to recreate, to run, to colour, to play.  I relish this season, understanding that it will not last forever.  For however long it lasts, I am grateful.

Photo taken at West Coast Park.


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