Superfood Series #1: Kiwfruit

A few weeks ago, I had an inkling.  I had been greedily gobbling up photos of Superfoods posted on Instagram and enjoyed trying some of them in my own meal preparation.   I appreciate it when Instagrammers include snippets of how these foods can benefit us, in addition to the creative ways to include these foods in meals.

I floated the idea to Older Daughter:  what if I took a Superfood and prepped it in various ways.  I would post these on Instagram over several days and include a health fact and benefit of the chosen food. The more we spoke of it, the more interesting and exciting the prospect became.

I raided my fridge and found a box of kiwifruit.  I typically stock these for Older Daughter who likes them slightly firmer and more tart than most folks.  The rest of us only eat them when they become too soft (and sweet) for Older Daughter.  Usually, it is Loving Husband who finds them in his lunch box.   There were a few which were soft to the touch, so I decided I would start with the kiwi for my first superfood experiment.

L: Easiest way to enjoy the fruit: cut in half & scoop out with a spoon.  R: cut up into a fuit salad bowl

This little project took on a life of its own.  I was so fascinated by what I discovered in my research and so taken by the taste of the fruit and how it contributed to the foods it was combined with, two weeks and many boxes of kiwifruit later, we were still experimenting with it.  This post is a culmination of the food prepared and the research done.

L: Chopping kiwi into a savoury wrap gives it added texture & flavour, R: Kiwi Parfait: fruit layered with Greek yogurt

There are many websites extolling the virtue of this fruit.  In summary, there are cardiovascular, cancer prevention, bone & connective tissue, digestive tract, blood sugar regulation and lung health benefits from eating kiwifruit regularly.

I was not aware of many of these.  The only kiwi fact I knew was that one kiwi has more vitamin C than an orange.

I was particularly taken by improving lung health.  Loving Husband suffers from asthma, although his symptoms are fairly well in check.  Studies have shown that eating 5-7 servings of kiwi & other citrus fruit per week will significantly reduce wheezing (,

I also like that the kiwifruit is high in phytonutrients, which act as antioxidants, protects the body against some cancers, and even repair DNA (,,   We could all use more cellular protection, right?

When all is said and done, the reasons I love kiwifruit are its colour, texture and taste.  It adds a much needed green to my brekkie bowls.  I also love the crunch of the seeds as well as the tartness which balances savoury dishes.  The biggest culinary discovery for me is levelling up my salsa:  I use Tostitos Hot Chunky salsa, and cut cilantro into it for a kick;  adding chopped kiwi into the mix really makes it more-ish and irresistible!

L: sprucing up my brekkie bowl of oatmeal,  R: Levelling up my salsa, with the addition of coriander & chopped kiwi

What are your favourite ways of enjoying kiwifruit?


6 Replies to “Superfood Series #1: Kiwfruit”

  1. I would like to eat more kiwi especially now that I know of its many benefits but I find it way too tart for me. I guess I need to wait till they soften and sweeten.

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  2. Since you found my blog — thank you very much — I have found yours and I’m so happy I did. I spent some time browsing on it just now and enjoyed every post from “Dabbling” to “Kiwi Fruit”. But I will admit my favorite was the one about reading with your children because you mentioned several of my favorite authors: Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, and Eric Carle among them. I’ll be back for sure.

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