Recutting the Road

There has been a lot of construction around our neighbourhood.  Roads have been diverted, bus-stops moved down the road, U-turns reappearing in strange places.  I decided to explore one of the biggest changes in the area this morning: Tyersall Avenue.

L: Old Tyersall closed, R: New Tyersall opened

Tyersall Ave has been re-cut, presumably to accommodate expansion of the Singapore Botanic Gardens,  recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The road has not simply been diverted, it has literally been moved about 100 metres over.

Running down this new road with it’s broad pedestrian paths, I reflected on how often I have been called to make drastic changes in my writing, cutting out huge chunks in favour of a  major re-write.  This is met with wistfulness or more often, with wilful reluctance, as throwing away is very difficult even when I know it’s for the best.

As I left Tyersall Avenue and entered the Singapore Botanic Gardens from the Palm Valley Gate, I further reflected on the changes or rewrites required in our lives.  In order to effect positive change, drastic measures must sometimes be taken.  This is often also met with much resistance and dragging of feet.

In order that we continue to improve ourselves, we have to eliminate the things that hurt us or prevent us from moving forward.  If we can deal with the short-term discomfort and pain, the result is often beautiful.  Knowing this, is there an easier way to embrace change so that the process isn’t so frightful?

Fountain/Pond at the Tanglin Gate





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