Dare to Dabble: the Scary World of Social Media

I have been on Facebook since 2007.  For a long time, I was a cautious, sometimes poster of holiday & special event photos.  And of course, I played games like Candy Crush.  Mostly, I used Facebook to peek into what friends were doing.  I didn’t even use Messenger very much till recently, when Loving Husband suggested that I install it on my iPad so that he & I could use it as a messaging platform to keep in touch through the day.

I marvelled at people, like Loving Husband, who used Facebook as a means of keeping in touch with his vast network of friends, colleagues, old students & very old friends.  It was a bit of a mystery how they could stay updated on current events and use this as a platform to share their days’ goings-on, and news from around the world which they found significant.  I watched from the sidelines, suspicious about letting too many people, especially strangers, into my world.

18 weeks ago, Older Daughter introduced me to Instagram: she thought I might enjoy it as I loved looking at photographs.  With my short attention span, she thought the platform might suit me as a viewer as well as a participant.  She patiently took me through the setting up process, and remained my consultant as I hesitantly navigated my way through the platform.  After a week, my life was transformed.


I made up my mind to try to post once a day.  The first few posts were a little challenging, trying to decide what I wanted to share with a community of strangers.  It was all a bit mystifying, figuring out how many posts were too many, how to like and follow others, what kind of “feel” I wanted my page to have: did I want a theme, or was that too contrived.  Older Daughter was very patient with my often inane questions.

I started to follow some inspiring folks and hesitantly left comments.  To my delight, they responded.  With this encouragement, I started to venture more boldly into posting and keeping in touch with some of those I followed.  And in less than 5 months, I started to build community and experience change in my life: in how I eat, prepare food, look for the beauty in each day, exercise and live life.

I started posting some of my Instagram pics onto Facebook and was delighted to find that some of my friends were interested in the things I was doing.  It was a bonus to realise that I knew many like-minded people, but just didn’t know it.

It occurred to me a few days ago that I would like to reach out to more people who might be challenged in similar ways as I,  and if I can make a difference at all, I would like to do that; hence, the start of purplepumpernickelblog.

Thank you for choosing to journey with me: for whatever time we have together, whether you are reading just this entry or two, or whether you stay for a while, I hope my struggles, challenges, joys & triumphs will serve to encourage you.

Dare to dabble in something new – it might just change your life!



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