Looking after Me

I have never been one who spends time & money on ornate beauty regimes.  Exercise, yes.  Eating healthy, yes.  But facials, cleansers, masks & other such things, nope!

It started with a sensitivity to strong scents and cleansers.  As with all teens, I experimented with make-up, perfuming agents & such.  After some time & many rashes later, I decided that a quick splash of water would suffice.  And since make up & perfumes ultimately led to uncomfortable rashes, headaches & peeling skin which sometimes persisted for several days, I ditched most beauty products in young adulthood.

As I approach my 50th birthday, I have noticed that my skin doesn’t always cooperate.  Creases from sleep take many hours before they go away, and my once fairly neat and mostly symmetrical face is no longer so.  Moisturising has become very tricky – too rich a cream and I break out.  Not moisturising enough, the stuff is ineffective.

Older Daughter inherited my tricky sensitivities to product.  Our few forays into makeup and beauty products were quickly abandoned as she struggled with similar problems as I.  Then, last year we discovered Lush.

L: “Big Blue” Bath Ballistic with a swish of “Pink Flamingo” Reusable Bubble Bar,  Top R: Solid & Liquid “Rub Rub Rub”, Mid R: “Ayesha” Fresh Facemask, Lower R: samples of “Rosy Cheeks” Fresh Facemask.

This handmade cosmetic store is a dream come true.  Older Daughter found she could tolerate many of their makeup & cleaning products, ranging from solid shampoos to hair masks, and they all work so well for her sensitive skin.  Plus, they smell so good!  They are also environmentally conscious, eco-friendly & responsible traders; and they make uses organic & vegetarian ingredients.

It wasn’t long before I got on the bandwagon – it’s so difficult to resist.  The Lush Sales Ambassadors are so helpful & informative &  generous with their samples!  We have spent many blissful hours just soaking in the smells in the stores, enjoyed Lush parties where we play games and try our hand at making bath bombs.  We always feel welcome to linger and chat with fellow Lushies in store.

Trick or Treating at Lush Orchard Gateway

I went through a guilt phase – do I really need to spend money on myself?  What is wrong with the way I wash my hair or face?  or the way I brush my teeth?  It’s good and well to spend the money on Older Daughter, but seriously, on me?  And that was when I had a paradigm shift.  We all know that inner beauty is what counts, but I need to take care of the outer me as well, and if that means smelling better, sporting less frizzy hair and glowing with better skin, all without spending exorbitant sums of money, so be it!

I am worth it.








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